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La Diva (Conor, Yaurela Ann) Lace (Thorbourne, Nailah) Lacksley Castell Lady Lee Larry Marshall (Park, Lawrence) Lasana Bandele Lascelles Perkins (Perkins, Lascelles) Lascelles ” Wis ” Bulgrin Latoya Dunkley (Anderson, Cherine) Laurel Aitken (Stevens, Oliver) Lavern (Morgan, ) Lazy Youth (Peitzmeier, Jens) Lee Francis (Francis, Lee) Leee John (McGregor, John Lesley) Lefty Banton Lehbanchuleh (Clarke, Norbert) Lenn Hammond (Hammond, Lenn) Lennox Robinson (Robinson, Lennox) Leo Graham Leon Leiffer (Leiffer, Leon) Leonard Dillon (Dillon, Leonard) Leonie Smith (Smith, Leonie) Leroy Gibbons Leroy Palmer (Palmer, Leroy) Leroy Sibbles (Sibbles, Leroy) Leroy Smart Leroy Stamp (Stamp, Leroy) Leroy ” Artist ” Brown (Brown, Leroy) Leslie Burke Lezlee Lyrix (Henry, William Anthony) Lij Amlak (Casanova, Paul) Lion (Lee, Noel) Lion Youth (Williamson, Clarence) Lionel Barrett (Barrett, Lionel) Little Devon Little Hero (Gayle, Paul) Little John (McMorris, John) Little Roy (Lowe, Earl) Llewellyn ” Jah T ” Breadwood (Breadwood, Llewelyn) Lloyd Brown (Brown, Lloyd) Lloyd Chalmers (Tyrell, Lloyd) Lloyd Forrester Lloyd Hemmings Lloyd Kerr Lloyd Robinson Lloyd Young (Young, Lloyd) Lloyd ” Bread ” McDonald (McDonald, Lloyd) Lloyd ” Bullwackies ” Barnes (Barnes, Lloyd) Lloyd ” Parro ” Clarke (Clarke, Lloyd) Lord Tanamo (Gordon, Joseph Abraham) Lorna Asher Lorna Bennett Lou Rawls Louie Culture (Brown, Lewin) Lovindeer (Lovindeer, Lloyd) Luciano (Mc Clymont, Jepther Washington) Lucky Dube (Dube, Ermelo) Lukie D (Kennedy, Michael) Lutan Fyah (Martin, Anthony) Lydia Bennett (Bennett, Lydia) Lyn Taitt (Taitt, Nearlin) Lynford Manning (Manning, Lynford) Lyrical (Drecket, Delroy)

Labba Leng (Wallace, Karl)Lady Ann (Smith, Barbara Anne)Lady Apache (Thompson, Sharmalee)Lady G (Fyffe, Janice Marie)Lady Saw (Hall, Marion)Lazah CurrentLecturer (Edwards, Manley Martin)Lee van Cleef (Perkins, )Leftside (Parks, Craig)Lexie LeeLieutenant Stichie (Laing, Cleveland)Lij Amlak (Casanova, Paul)Lion Cub (Pitter, Ricardo)Little Blacks (Stewart,)Little Capes (Bailey)Little Lenny (Grandison, Nigel)Little Wicked aka Rasshady (Cameron, Andrew)Lizard (Logan, Keith)Lloyd FaganLloyd Young (Young, Lloyd)Lone Ranger (Waldron, Anthony)Lord ComicLord Creator (Patrick, Kentrick)Lord Sassafrass (Johnson, Michael)Louie Ranking (Ford, Leonard)Lovindeer (Lovindeer, Lloyd)Luddy (Clarke, Ludwig)Lui Lepke

Lady Complainer (McLae, Daisann) - MusLarry McDonald - PercussionLatty Guzang (Gourzong, Lascelle) - Laza (Morgan, Otiyah) - MusLazo (Finn, Lazarus J.) - MusLee Copthall - ProducerLee Milo (Spence, Lee) - MusLee `Scratch `Perry (Perry, Rainford Hugh) - ProducerLeggo Beast (Dougles, Trevor) - Lenford Richards (Richards, Lenrord) - GuitarLennie Hibbert - "Vibraphone ; Musical director Alpha boys school )"Lennox Brown - Alto saxophoneLeo Charles (Charles, Leo) - DrumsLeon Symoie (Symoie, Leon) - ProducerLeonard Chin (Chin, Leonard) - ProducerLeroy Moore (Moore, Leroy) - ProducerLeroy Pierson - AssociateLeroy Turner (Brown, Leroy) - MusLeroy ” Bunny ” Hollett (Hollett, Leroy) - ProducerLeroy ” Horsemouth ” Wallace (Wallace, Leroy) - DrumsLeslie Butler (Butler, Leslie) - KeyboardsLeslie Ellis (Ellis, Leslie) - MusLeslie Kong - ProducerLester Sterling - Alto saxophoneLexus Dread (Britton, Owen) - MusLillian Allen (Allen, Lillian) - Dub PoetLincoln Gordon (Gordon, Gordon) - GuitarLindbergh ” Preps ” Lewis - MusLinford Richards - GuitarLinton Kwesi Johnson - Dub poetLinval Martin (Martin, Linval) - MusLinval Thompson (Alphonso, Philip) - ProducerLittle Major (Wright, Curtis) - Lloyd Brevett (Brevett, Lloyd) - BassLloyd Campbell (Campbell, Lloyd Osbourne) - Lloyd Campbell (Campbell, Lloyd) - ProducerLloyd Coxsone (Blackwood, Lloyd) - MusLloyd Daley (Daley, Lloyd) - Producer, Sound system engineerLloyd Knibb (Knibb, Lloyd) - PercussionLloyd Parks (Parks, Lloyd) - MusLloyd Ricketts - MusLloyd Shakespeare (Shakespeare, Lloyd) - MusLloyd ” Tin Leg ” Adams (Adams, Lloyd) - DrumsLloydie Slim (Smith, Ivanhoe) - Locksley Gichie - GuitarLord Fly (Lyons, Bertie) - MusLord Kitchner (Roberts, Aldwyn) - MCLord Lara (Lara, Kenneth) - MusLorna Gee (Gayle, Lorna) - Louie Davis - MusLouise Bennett - Coverley (Bennett - Coverley, Louise) - ArtistLouise Fraser - Bennett (Fraser - Bennett, Louise) - PromoterLukes (Morgan, Nakamyah) - GuitarLynford Anderson (Capp, Andy) - Engineer

Lee Francis

Real name: Francis, Lee
Former Stage Name:
Profession: Singer
Sound system :
Member of:
Date of birth :
Location of birth : JA
Relatives: Son of Winston Francis
First record:
First album:
First hit : So sick ( SMR ) - 2006
Contact :

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