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Caleb Sweetback (Campbell, Horace) Calibe (Thompson, Aisha Calibe) Candy Man (Reid, Byron) Carey Johnson (Johnson, Carey) Carl Dawkins (Dawkins, Carl) Carl Henry Carl ” Ramesses ύ McDonald (McDonald, Carl) Carlene Davis (Cowan Davis, Carlene) Carlton Gregory Carlton Livingston Carlton Manning (Manning, Carlton) Carol Gonzales (Gonzales, Carol) Caron Wheeler (Wheeler, Caron) Carrol Thompson (Thompson, Carol) Cecile Campbell (Campbell, Cecile) Cedella Marley - Booker (Malcolm, Cedella) Cedric Myton Cezar (Cunningham, ) Chanter (Anderson, Byron) Charles ” Organaire ” Cameron (Cameron, Charles) Charlie Morrison Cherine Anderson (Anderson, Cherine) Chevelle Franklin (Franklin, Chevelle) Chezidek (Johnson, Desbert) Chico (Walker, Patrick) Chief (James, Orrann Maurice) Chino (Mc-Gregor, Daniel) Choppa Chop Chris Thomas (Thomas, Chris) Chris Wayne (Wayne, Christopher) Chrisinti (Hudson, Paul Christopher) Chrissy D (Nevers, Dawnette) Christopher (Williams, Mark) Chrome (Sharpe, Rory) Chubby Ranks (McLarty, Carl Barrington) Chuck Fenda (Whitehead, Leshorn) Chuck Turner (Turner, Chuck) Clancy Eccles (Eccles, Eccleston) Claudette Brown (Brown, Claudette) Cliff ” Moonie ” Pusey Clifford Morrison (Morrison, Clifford) Clifton McWell (Howell, Clifton) Clinton Fearon (Fearon, Clinton) Clive Tennors (Murphy, Albert George ” Clive ”) Cocoa Tea (Scott, Calvin George) Congo Ashanti Roy (Johnson, Roydell) Congo Jesse Congo Judah (Powell, Jeffrie) Conrad Crystal (Hunter, Conrad Constantine) Conroy Smith (Smith, Charles) Constantine ” Dream vision ” Walker (Walker, Constantine) Cool Breeze (Archibald, Kenroy) Cora Reid - Russell (Reid- Russel, Cora) Cornell Campbell (Campbell, Cornell) Cosmo (Fraser, C.) Count Lasher (Parkins, Terence) Count Ossie (Williams, Oswald) Courtney John (Morrison, Courtney) Courtney Melody (Monroe, Courtney) Craig C Craig Jackson (Jackson, Craig) Crisopolis (Crooks, Christopher) Culture Blacks (Thomas, Leonard) Cynthia Richards (Richards, Sinthia) Cynthia Schloss (Schloss Blake, Cynthia)

Capleton (Bailey III, Clifton George)Captain Barkey (Hamilton, Wayne)Carrie T. MullingsCe?Cile (Charlton, Cecile)Chaka Demus (Taylor, John)Charlie Chaplin (Bennett, Richard Patrick)Chella Vich (Vich, Chella)Chezidek (Johnson, Desbert)Chickenchest (Thomas, Alton O?Reilly)Chino (Mc-Gregor, Daniel)Chris ” Goldfinga ” Clarke (Clarke, Chris)ChuckleberryChukki Starr (Williams, Anthony)Clement IrieClint Eastwood (Brammer, Robert)Cobra (Brown, Ewart Everton)Collie Buddz (Colin, Rupert)Colourman (Henry, Fidal Hugh)Cool Breeze (Archibald, Kenroy)Count Machouki (Cooper, Winston)Courtney McIntosh (McIntosh, Courtney)Courtney Melody (Monroe, Courtney)Craig T (Thompson, Craig)Crazy Froggy (Gordon, Fitzgerald)Crucial Bankie (Veira, Ian)Cutty Ranks (Thomas, Philip)

C Sharpe (Clarke, Wayne) - MusCakeman (Anderson, Mario) - Camar - Captain Sindbad (Dywer, Carl) - ProducerCarl Ayton (Ayton, Carl) - DrumsCarl Meeks - Carl Palmer (Palmer, Carl) - Producer, CEOCarl ” Cannonball ” Bryan (Byran, Karl) - Baritone saxophoneCarl ” Dillie ” McLeod (McLeod, Carl) - ProducerCarlos Malcolm (Malcolm, Carlos) - Trombone, PercussionCarlton Hines (Hines, Carlton) - Mus, Song writerCarlton ” Bubblers ” Ogilvie (Ogilvie, Carlton) - KeyboardsCarlton ” Santa ” Davis (Davis, Carlton) - DrumsCarlton” Carlie ” Barrett (Barrett, Carlton Lloyd) - DrumsCecil Llyod - OrganCedric”Im”Brooks - Tenor saxophoneChaka B (Forde, Brinsley) - MusCharlie Ace (Dixon, Valden) - MusChesley Sampson (Sampson, Chesley) - GuitarChester Walker (Walker, Chester V.) - Producer, Song writerChris Blackwell (Blackwell, Chris) - "Distributor ; Producer"Chris Cracknell - "Producer ; Distributor"Chris Hanson - GuitarChris I - Tone (Wilson, Chris) - MusChris Peckings (Price, Chris) - DistributorChris Sedgwick (Sedgwick, Christopher) - DistributorChris Stanley - MusChristopher Birch (Birch, Christopher) - ProducerChristopher James (James, Christopher) - ProducerChristopher Meredith (Meredith, Christopher) - BassChunnie (Palmer, Oswald) - MusClark Gayton - TromboneCledwyn Rogers - Rhythm guitarClement Seymour Dodd (Dodd, Clement Seymour) - Executive ProducerClevie (Browne, Cleveland) - "Drums ; Producer"Clifton ” Specialist ” Dillon - ProducerClint O?Neil (O?Neil, Clint) - MusClive Chin (Chin, Neville) - ProducerClive Hunt (Hunt, Clive) - ProducerClive Jarrett (Jarrett, Clive) - ProducerClue J (Johnson, Cluett) - BassClyde McKenzie (McKenzie, Clyde) - CEOColin Bird (Bird, Colin) - "Distributor ; Engineer"Colin Burton (Burton, Colin) - GuitarColin Gabbidon (Gabbidon, Colin) - "Drums ; Painter"Colin McGregor (McGregor, Colin) - Producer, CEOColin ” Bulby ” York (York, Colin) - ProducerColonel Lyod (Anderson, Lloyd) - Colour Red (Hilton, Clive) - Colridge ” Simba ” Finn (Finn, Coldrige) - DrumsComputer Paul (Henton, Paul) - Engineer, CEOConnection (Nuber, Jack) - MusConrad Kelly - Contractor (Edwards, Sean) - MusCooper Kid (Allen, Ian) - Cordell ” Scatta ” Burrell (Burrell, Cordell) - ProducerCourtney Cole (Cole, Courtney) - ProducerCourtney Hemmings - KeyboardCourtney Pine (Pine, Courtney) - Saxophone, flute, keyboardsCrucial Bunny (Graham, Anthony) - MusCulture Canute (Canute, Davis) - MusCulture Freeman - Cyrus Richards - Keyboards

Carl Dawkins

Real name: Dawkins, Carl
Former Stage Name: Ras Carl Dawkins, Dego
Profession: Singer
Sound system :
Member of:
Date of birth : 1948-08-01
Location of birth : St. Catherine, JA
First record: Baby I love you - 1966
First album:
First hit : Satisfaction
Contact :

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