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Earl Blecher (Belcher, Earl) - Earl J (Bailey, Jordan) - MusEarl Jackson - BassEarl Moodie - DistributorEarl Thorpe (Thorpe, Earl) - BassEarl ” Bagga ” Walker (Walker, Earl) - BassEarl ” Chinna ” Smith (Smith, Earl) - Guitar, Bass Song writerEarl ” Wire ” Lindo (Lindo, Earl) - KeyboardsEating Betty (Gray, Mel) - MusEddie ” Tan Tan ” Thornton - TrumpetEdward Seaga (Seaga, Edward) - "Producer ; Politian ; Prime Minister JA"Eek-A-Roo (Campbell, Donald) - El General (Franco, Eduardo A.) - MusElbert Stewart - MusEmil Shallit - DistributorEnglishman (Brisco, Erald) - MusEric Barnard (Barnard, Eric) - PianoEric Deans - Musical instructor, teacherEric Frater - GuitarEric ” Jnr ” Delisser (Delisser, Eric) - ProducerErnest Hookim (Hookim, Ernest) - ProducerErnest Ranglin (Ranglin, Ernest) - "Rhythm guitar ; musical Director"Errol Brown (Brown, Errol) - EngineerErrol Kennedy (Kennedy, Errol) - MusErrol King (King, Errol) - MusErrol Marshall - ProducerErrol Walters - BassErrol ” Don ” Mais (Mais, Errol) - ProducerErrol ” ET ” Thompson (Thompson, Errol) - EngineerErrol ” Flabba ” Holt (Carter, Errol) - "Bass ; Producer"Eskimo Fox (Muscome, Charley) - DrumsEugene Dwyer (Dwyer, Eugene) - MusEugene Grey (Grey, Eugene) - Guitar, arranger, composerEveral Gayle (Gayle, Everal) - TromboneEverol Wray - TrumpetEverton DaSilva - Mus

Errol Dunkley

Real name: Dunkley, Errol
Former Stage Name:
Profession: Singer, Producer
Sound system :
Member of:
Date of birth : 1951
Location of birth : Kingston, JA
Label: "African museum; Silver Ring"
First record: "? - 1963 ; with Roy Shirley - Gypsy ( Gaydisc )- 1965"
First album: "Presenting Errol Dunkley ( Sonia Pottinger ) - 1972 ; Darling Ooh ( Attack ) - 1972"
First hit : "Movie star - 1971, Black Cinderella ( Studio One ) - 1972 ; OK Fred - 1979"
Contact : UK

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Errol DunkleyNo RiddimArawak
Errol DunkleyA Little Way DifferentS E Pottinger
Errol DunkleyA Little Way Different (12 inch)S E Pottinger
Errol DunkleyA Love Like MineErrol Dunkley
Errol DunkleyBaby I Love YouS E Pottinger
Errol DunkleyBetcha By Golly Wow1982
Errol DunkleyBlack CinderellaBlack CinderellaStudio 1
Errol DunkleyBlack Cinderella [1]Black CinderellaoC S DoddStudio One
Errol DunkleyBlack Cinderella [2]Black CinderellaJimmy RadwayFi Mi Time
Errol DunkleyBlack Cinderella [3]Black CinderellaJah Life
Errol DunkleyCome NaturalMy ConversationErrol Dunkley
Errol DunkleyCreated By The FatherS E Pottinger
Errol DunkleyCreated By The FatherCreated By The FatherImpact (US)
Errol DunkleyDarling ooh!S E Pottinger
Errol DunkleyDon't Make Me OverErrol Dunkley
Errol DunkleyEnoch PowerTappa ZukieDaddy Kool
Errol DunkleyGive Me LoveEvery Day Is Just A Holiday2000Landmark
Errol DunkleyHoly Mount ZionVanity
Errol DunkleyHow Could I Let You Get AwaySonny & Jackal
Errol DunkleyI'm Not The Man For YouS E Pottinger
Errol DunkleyIt Was Nice While It LastedS E Pottinger
Errol DunkleyJah Guiding StarGuiding StarErrol Dunkley
Errol DunkleyLike To Be BoosedS E Pottinger
Errol DunkleyLove Brother1968Lee Perry & Joel Gibson
Errol DunkleyLove Brother Love1966/67Joe Gibbs
Errol DunkleyLove In The HouseLove In The Housei~1982/83Jah ThomasMidnight Rock
Errol DunkleyLove In The HouseLove In The HouseMidnight Rock
Errol DunkleyMovie StarMovie StarS E Pottinger
Errol DunkleyMr Smiley - Baby Be True Edit
Errol DunkleyNobody ElseErrol Dunkley
Errol DunkleyO. K. FredO. K. FredErrol Dunkley
Errol DunkleyOK Fred (Picture Sleeve)OK FredCelluioid (FR)
Errol DunkleyPlease Stop Your Lying1967Lee Perry & Joel Gibson
Errol DunkleyRepatriation [1]Repatriation [2]Count ShelleyShelley's Power
Errol DunkleyRepatriation [2]Repatriation [2]Errol Dunkley
Errol DunkleyRiding For A Fall (12 inch)Riding For A Fall
Errol DunkleyRunning ChildPhil Pratt
Errol DunkleyRush Me No BadnessErrol Dunkley
Errol DunkleyShow OffErrol Dunkley
Errol DunkleyStop The Gun ShootingSkylarkingTappa ZukieTappa
Errol DunkleyThree In One1971
Errol DunkleyTrain To GloryTrain To GloryCount Shelley
Errol DunkleyTrain To ZionBobby Babylon1976Topco
Errol DunkleyTrue To Your ManErrol Dunkley
Errol DunkleyWhere Must I GoWhere Must I Goo
Errol DunkleyYou Never KnowS E Pottinger
Errol DunkleyYou're Gonna Need MeS E Pottinger
Errol Dunkley & I-RoyCreated Bay The Father (12 inch)
Errol Dunkley & Jah StitchHard Luck Story (12 inch)
Errol Dunkley & Ranking DreadHolding On (12 inch)
Errol Dunkley & Ranking DreadPalaving Spree (12 inch)1980
Errol Dunkley & Ranking DreadRush Me No Badness~v229Ossie Hibbert
Errol Dunkley & U-Roy JuniorIf You Say So (12 inch)
Trinity & Errol DunkleyYagga YaggaO. K. FredOssie Hibbert
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